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 +====== SendMail ======
 +The **SendMail** function sends a message to the NXT brick'​s mail box. This message can be read using a normal NXT-G program running on the brick. This allows you to communicate with NXT-G programs from your phone or tablet.
 +The **mailbox** parameter is the target mailbox number and can be a value between 1 and 10.
 +The **type** parameter should be one of the following values: "​**Text**",​ "​**Number**"​ or "​**Logic**"​ depending on what type of value you wish to send to the brick'​s mailbox.
 +<​code>​nxt.SendMail( mailbox, type, message );</​code>​
 +====Example - Send message to mailbox 1====
 +<code javascript>​
 +function OnStart()
 +  nxt = app.CreateNxt();​
 +  app.SetMenu( "​Connect,​SendMail"​ );
 +function OnMenu( name )
 +  if( name=="​Connect"​ )
 +    nxt.ShowDevices();​
 +  else if( name=="​SendMail"​ )
 +    nxt.SendMail( 1, "​Text",​ "​Hello"​ );
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