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 +====== Drive ======
 +The **Drive** function commands the NXT brick to drive one or more of it's motors with a given power and number of rotations.
 +The **motors** parameter can be a single motor, for example just **"​A"​** or a combination of motors such as **"​ABC"​**.
 +Power is given as a percentage value and negative values make the motor reverse.
 +If the number of rotations is set to **zero**, then the motor will continue until the **Stop** function is called.
 +<​code>​nxt.Drive( motors, power, rotations );</​code>​
 +====Example - Drive forward 3 rotations====
 +<code javascript>​
 +function OnStart()
 +  nxt = app.CreateNxt();​
 +  app.SetMenu( "​Connect,​Drive"​ );
 +function OnMenu( name )
 +  if( name=="​Connect"​ )
 +    nxt.ShowDevices();​
 +  else if( name=="​Drive"​ )
 +    nxt.Drive( "​BC",​ 80, 3 );
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